Here at MSTANY you will learn just like a cadet as we provide premier training.

In fact, you will be privy to the same training used by vast militaries around the world.

There is a six point principle we offer to help our new cadets achieve ultimate fitness goals:

DEDICATION – you will be committed and devoted more then ever

DILIGENCE – you will break all barriers that have held you back

DIRECTION – you will be able to aim higher then you ever have before

DESIRE – you will want to be successful in all your endeavors

DETERMINATION – you will make the decision to accomplish all your goals

DISCIPLINE – you will test your character in order to build improvement

We encourage you to strive and believe in yourselves and overcome barriers thought not possible due to fear and self limitations.

After completing one of our programs at MSTANY you will feel stronger, driven and confident in yourself.

That strong, driven and confident person is in you and awaits you at MSTANY. Are you ready to take action?